Enhancing Security Operations Using Wazuh: Open Source XDR and SIEM

Wazuh: Open Source XDR and SIEM

In today’s interconnected world, evolving security solutions to meet growing demand is more critical than ever. Collaboration across multiple solutions for intelligence gathering and information sharing is indispensable. The idea of multiple-source intelligence gathering stems from the concept that threats are rarely isolated. Hence, their detection and prevention require a comprehensive understanding of the broader landscape. A comprehensive and robust security framework should be established by aggregating resources, knowledge, and expertise from various sources. This collaborative effort allows for the analysis of diverse data sets, the identification of emerging patterns, and the timely dissemination of crucial information.

In this article, we discuss a versatile security platform that can operate in two distinct roles within a security ecosystem. This platform can function as a subscriber, actively collecting and aggregating security data from various endpoints and other solutions. Alternatively, it can assume the role of the data provider, seamlessly integrating with other security platforms and forwarding analyzed security data to these systems.


Wazuh is an open source unified XDR and SIEM platform that helps organizations monitor, detect, and respond to security threats and compliance issues across their IT infrastructure.

Wazuh: Open Source XDR and SIEM

Wazuh provides out-of-box capabilities that help improve your organization’s security posture. These include:

  • Threat detection
  • Automated incidence response
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
  • Security Configuration Assessment (SCA)
  • Vulnerability detection
  • System inventory
  • Regulatory compliance

Wazuh extends its capabilities by integrating with several security platforms. These platforms provide extended threat detection, security orchestration, and incident response capabilities that are valuable to your IT infrastructure.

Threat intelligence and detection#

Wazuh extends its threat intelligence and detection capabilities by tapping into the diverse data streams from platforms, such as Suricata, VirusTotal, and YARA. Wazuh achieves this using its configuration blocks and a customizable ruleset. This integrated functionality empowers your security team with a unified and coherent view of your IT infrastructure and allows them to take proactive measures against identified threats.

A scenario was demonstrated in the post responding to network attacks with Suricata and Wazuh XDR, where Wazuh responded to network attacks generated by Suricata using its automated response capability.

Wazuh: Open Source XDR and SIEM

External alerting and incident response#

Wazuh extends its real-time alerting features to external solutions with alerting and incident response features such as TheHive, PagerDuty, and VirusTotal.

The image below shows Wazuh Integration with PagerDuty incident monitoring.

Wazuh: Open Source XDR and SIEM

Security orchestration#

Wazuh integrates with the Shuffle SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) platform. The goal of such integration is to streamline security tasks and enhance incident response capabilities.

The image below shows a use case where Wazuh is integrated with Shuffle SOAR.

Wazuh: Open Source XDR and SIEM

This next image shows an alert for a user account disabled by Shuffle in response to a credential dump incident triggered by Wazuh.

Wazuh: Open Source XDR and SIEM

Such integrations enable a seamless flow of information, facilitating real-time threat intelligence sharing, automated remediation workflows, and comprehensive visibility across your security infrastructure.

Artificial intelligence#

Wazuh can make API requests to external API endpoints such as ChatGPT, pass in a prompt or conversation, and receive a response generated by the model.

A use case for achieving this is shown in the blog post Nmap and ChatGPT security auditing with Wazuh. Organizations can receive better security insights and improve their security posture with the use of this feature.

Wazuh: Open Source XDR and SIEM


Wazuh is an open source SIEM and XDR platform that provides out-of-the-box capabilities that help improve an organization’s security posture. These capabilities include threat detection, automated incidence response, file integrity monitoring, security configuration assessment, vulnerability detection, system inventory, and regulatory compliance.

Wazuh can seamlessly integrate with other security platforms to collect and provide security data. Such data provides valuable insights into the security of your IT infrastructure.

Integrating Wazuh with several security platforms allows you to extend its capabilities for threat detection, security orchestration, and incident response, which are valuable to your IT infrastructure.

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