Epagneul is a tool to visualize and investigate


Requires docker and docker-compose to be installed.



Offline deployment

On a machine connected to internet, build an offline release:

make release

This will create a release folder containing ready to go docker images. Copy the project to your air gapped machine then run:

make load

This will install:

  • epagneul web UI (port 8080)
  • epagneul backend (port 8000)
  • neo4j (port 7474)


  • Better SID corelations
  • add edge tips
  • Label propagation algorithm
  • PageRank
  • Add missing events IDs (sysmon)
  • Proper conversion of known SIDS / security principals, …
  • hidden markov chains
  • Display a timeline of logons / at least a summary graph
  • check out: https://github.com/ahmedkhlief/APT-Hunter
  • Import data from ELK / splunk
  • detect communities using louvain
  • Document evtx filtering method using filter 3,4648,4624,4625,4672,4768,4769,4771,4776,4728,4732,4756

Known bugs

  • The count value on edges does not update based on the selected timeline


  • https://adsecurity.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/2017-BSidesCharm-DetectingtheElusive-ActiveDirectoryThreatHunting-Final.pdf
  • https://github.com/JPCERTCC/LogonTracer

Built With

  • Vue.js – The web framework used
  • Cytoscape.js – Library used for graph visualisation and analysis
  • d3 – Used to display the timeline
  • neo4j – Backend database
  • evtx – Parser for the windows XML EventLog format


  • jurelouInitial work – jurelou
Download Epagneul

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