Using AWS + Socat Port Forwarder

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This script is designed for using AWS and SOCAT as a forwarder to another IP or Server, for Red Team engagements where you want to hide your home console location.




==What does it do?==

So run this on the AWS instance you have.

It will take a port number you give it, then go and open that port on the AWS firewall via awscli. It will then use that same port and open a SOCAT listener and send that to an IP or domain name of your choosing. For me it will always be static so it was just hardcoded in, but you can do what you like. That fact you are here, you will probably understand how to edit it for your own usage.

When you are done press Ctrl + C and it will stop socat, close the port in AWS and quit.

==Before you start you will need a few things on the AWS instance==

sudo apt install socat

sudo snap install aws-cli --classic

==Then you need to confifure AWS CLI== (

aws configure

==You will need to edit the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in the script to your own information such as==

--group-ids XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (replace XXXXXX with your own firewall sg from AWS console)

socat TCP4-LISTEN:$1,fork TCP4:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX:$1 (replace the XXXXX with your IP address you want to forward traffic to)

Hope this is of some use? Really you should use terraform and do it right, but im lazy and this did what i needed it to do! Quick and dirty.

Download the tool from GitHub here

Available for Amazon Prime