Well, not really a security related post but just found out that you can play chess in Facebook Messenger.. Like this   You just need to load Messenger and click on a person and type @fbchess. You will get a chess board come up and to make a move you […]

Facebook Chess

SpiderFoot is an open source intelligence automation tool. Its goal is to automate the process of gathering intelligence about a given target, which may be an IP address, domain name, hostname or network subnet. SpiderFoot can be used offensively, i.e. as part of a black-box penetration test to gather information […]

SpiderFoot v2.7 – OSINT

I have recently found a vulnerability on my Netgear Managed Switch I use at home. Its an information disclosure vulnerability. Basically the web management application fails to restrict URL access to different application areas. Remote, unauthenticated attackers could exploit this issue to download the device’s startup-config, which contains administrator credentials in encrypted form. […]

Netgear GS108Tv2 Information Disclosure Vulnerability