Daily Vulnerability Trends: Wed Oct 12 2022

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Daily Vulnerability Trends (sourced from VulnMon)
CVE NAMECVE Description
CVE-2022-42724 No description provided
CVE-2022-0847A flaw was found in the way the “flags” member of the new pipe buffer structure was lacking proper initialization in copy_page_to_iter_pipe and push_pipe functions in the Linux kernel and could thus contain stale values. An unprivileged local user could use this flaw to write to pages in the page cache backed by read only files and as such escalate their privileges on the system.
CVE-2022-35405Zoho ManageEngine Password Manager Pro before 12101 and PAM360 before 5510 are vulnerable to unauthenticated remote code execution. (This also affects ManageEngine Access Manager Plus before 4303 with authentication.)
CVE-2022-26763An out-of-bounds access issue was addressed with improved bounds checking. This issue is fixed in tvOS 15.5, iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5, Security Update 2022-004 Catalina, watchOS 8.6, macOS Big Sur 11.6.6, macOS Monterey 12.4. A malicious application may be able to execute arbitrary code with system privileges.
CVE-2022-37042Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) 8.8.15 and 9.0 has mboximport functionality that receives a ZIP archive and extracts files from it. By bypassing authentication (i.e., not having an authtoken), an attacker can upload arbitrary files to the system, leading to directory traversal and remote code execution. NOTE: this issue exists because of an incomplete fix for CVE-2022-27925.
CVE-2021-0920In unix_scm_to_skb of af_unix.c, there is a possible use after free bug due to a race condition. This could lead to local escalation of privilege with System execution privileges needed. User interaction is not needed for exploitation.Product: AndroidVersions: Android kernelAndroid ID: A-196926917References: Upstream kernel
CVE-2021-39815The PowerVR GPU driver allows unprivileged apps to allocated pinned memory, unpin it (which makes it available to be freed), and continue using the page in GPU calls. No privileges required and this results in kernel memory corruption.Product: AndroidVersions: Android SoCAndroid ID: A-232440670
CVE-2022-22658 No description provided
CVE-2022-42431 No description provided
CVE-2022-40146Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerability in Batik of Apache XML Graphics allows an attacker to access files using a Jar url. This issue affects Apache XML Graphics Batik 1.14.
CVE-2022-41082 No description provided
CVE-2022-41040 No description provided
CVE-2022-41352An issue was discovered in Zimbra Collaboration (ZCS) 8.8.15 and 9.0. An attacker can upload arbitrary files through amavisd via a cpio loophole (extraction to /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/public) that can lead to incorrect access to any other user accounts. Zimbra recommends pax over cpio. Also, pax is in the prerequisites of Zimbra on Ubuntu; however, pax is no longer part of a default Red Hat installation after RHEL 6 (or CentOS 6). Once pax is installed, amavisd automatically prefers it over cpio.
CVE-2022-26766A certificate parsing issue was addressed with improved checks. This issue is fixed in tvOS 15.5, iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5, Security Update 2022-004 Catalina, watchOS 8.6, macOS Big Sur 11.6.6, macOS Monterey 12.4. A malicious app may be able to bypass signature validation.
CVE-2022-41852 No description provided
CVE-2022-36067vm2 is a sandbox that can run untrusted code with whitelisted Node’s built-in modules. In versions prior to version 3.9.11, a threat actor can bypass the sandbox protections to gain remote code execution rights on the host running the sandbox. This vulnerability was patched in the release of version 3.9.11 of vm2. There are no known workarounds.
CVE-2021-41040In Eclipse Wakaama, ever since its inception until 2021-01-14, the CoAP parsing code does not properly sanitize network-received data.
CVE-2022-31680 No description provided
CVE-2022-2992 No description provided
CVE-2022-40684Fortinet FortiOS, FortiProxy and FortiSwitchManager security bypass | CVE-2022-40684
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