DNS-Black-Cat(DBC) – Multi Platform Toolkit For An Interactive DNS Shell Commands Exfiltration, By Using DNS-Cat You Will Be Able To Execute System Commands In Shell Mode Over DNS Protocol

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Multi-platform toolkit for an interactive C2C DNS shell, by using DNS-Black-Cat, you will be able to execute system commands in shell mode over a fully encrypted covert channel.


ported as a python script, which acts as DNS server with required functionalities to provide interactive shell command interface.


ported as the following file formats

  • Windows 32/64 executable (exe)
  • Linux 32/64 executable (ELF)
  • Powershell Script (ps1)
  • Dynamic Link Library (DLL)
  • MacOS Darwin x86_64


  • The agent supports multi-platforms.
  • built-in feature with 0xsp-mongoose RED.
  • Available as win32/64 executable, Powershell script, Linux ELF.
  • Encrypted and encoded DNS Queries.
  • Traffic Segmentation.
  • Speed and stability.
  • Stealth and undetectable.


System Supported
Windows (EXE) YES
Windows (PS) YES
Windows (DLL) YES
Linux YES
BSD Still
Android Still


Support the project for continuous development (ETH 0xf340c15c5e669a4ababab856e9f2bccd659d6e42)

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