Pylane – An Python VM Injector With Debug Tools, Based On GDB

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Pylane is a python vm injector with debug tools, based on gdb and ptrace. Pylane uses gdb to trace python process, inject and run some code in its python vm.

use inject command to inject a python script in an process:

pylane inject <PID> <YOUR_PYTHON_FILE>

use shell command to inject an interactive shell:

pylane shell <PID>

Pylane shell features:

  • use IPython as its interactive interface, support magic functions like ? and %
  • support remote automatic completion
  • provide debug toolkit functions, such as:
    • lookup class or instance by name
    • get source code of an object
    • print all threads’ stack and locals


pip install pylane

pylane should be installed in virtualenv the target process uses or in os python lib.

Support Linux and BSD

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