Watcher – Open Source Cybersecurity Threat Hunting Platform

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Watcher 9

Watcher is a Django & React JS automated platform for discovering new potentially cybersecurity threats targeting your organisation.

It should be used on webservers and available on Docker.

Watcher capabilities

  • Detect emerging vulnerability, malware using social network & other RSS sources (,,,…).
  • Detect Keywords in pastebin & in other IT content exchange websites (stackoverflow, github, gitlab, bitbucket, apkmirror, npm…).
  • Monitor malicious domain names (IPs, mail/MX records, web pages using TLSH).
  • Detect suspicious domain names targeting your organisation, using dnstwist.

Useful as a bundle regrouping threat hunting/intelligence automated features.

Additional features

  • Create cases on TheHive and events on MISP.
  • Integrated IOCs export to TheHive and MISP.
  • LDAP & Local Authentication.
  • Email notifications.
  • Ticketing system feeding.
  • Admin interface.
  • Advance users permissions & groups.

Involved dependencies

  • RSS-Bridge
  • dnstwist
  • Searx
  • pymisp
  • thehive4py
  • TLSH
  • shadow-useragent
  • NLTK


Watcher provides a powerful user interface for data visualization and analysis. This interface can also be used to manage Watcher usage and to monitor its status.

Threats detection

Watcher 7 Watcher threats detection


Keywords detection

Watcher 8 Watcher keywords detection


Malicious domain names monitoring

Watcher 9 1


IOCs export to TheHive & MISP

Watcher 10 Watcher iocs 

Potentially malicious domain names detection

Watcher 11

Django provides a ready-to-use user interface for administrative activities. We all know how an admin interface is important for a web project: Users management, user group management, Watcher configuration, usage logs…

Admin interface

Watcher 12 Watcher admin interface


Create a new Watcher instance in ten minutes using Docker (see Installation Guide).

Platform architecture

Watcher 13 Platform architecture


Get involved

There are many ways to getting involved with Watcher:

  • Report bugs by opening Issues on GitHub.
  • Request new features or suggest ideas (via Issues).
  • Make pull-requests.
  • Discuss bugs, features, ideas or issues.
  • Share Watcher to your community (Twitter, Facebook…).

Pastebin compliant

In order to use Watcher pastebin API feature, you need to subscribe to a pastebin pro account and whitelist Watcher public IP (see

Thanks to Thales Group CERT (THA-CERT) and ISEN-Toulon Engineering School for allowing me to carry out this project.

Download Watcher

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