8 Base Ransomware Victim: Fortiss LLC

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Victim NameFortiss LLC
Downloaded Date28.11.2023
Publish Date05.12.2023
Victim Description

Fortiss, LLC started in 2005, as a provider of accounting and management consulting services that cater to the needs of casinos and card rooms throughout California. Offering a wide range of customized business solutions for the gaming industry, Fortiss provides services from recruiting and training programs to specialized accounting and human resources consulting. The goal at Fortiss is to help clients identify ways to streamline their casino or card club operation, and leverage new industry opportunities while maximizing profitability.


Threat Actor Comments

Were uploaded to the servers:
Accounting documents
Personal data
Employment contracts
A huge amount of confidential information
Confidentiality agreements
Personal files

Number of Dark Web Views (at time of scraping)views: 1867

Countdown Timer until Data dumped by the Threat Actors

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