Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs:

  • Log4j zero-day “Log4Shell” arrives just in time to ruin your weekend
  • Click “OK” to defeat MFA
  • Fake job interviews plague major game developers like Riot Games and Rockstar
  • Has your WordPress site been backdoored by a skimmer?
  • What is a search engine and why does anyone care which one you use?
  • Vulnerability in Windows 10 URI handler leads to remote code execution
  • Was threat actor KAX17 de-anonymizing the Tor network?
  • Is your web browser vulnerable to data theft? XS-Leak explained
  • Microsoft disrupts China-based hacking group Nickel
  • How to check for Windows updates and install them
  • Why Macs are the best, according to Mac expert Thomas Reed: Lock and Code S02E23
  • NSO Group spyware found on iPhones of US State Department employees

Stay safe!

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