A week in security (February 17 – 23)

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Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, we highlighted the benefits and concerns of identity-as-a-service (IDaaS), an identity management scheme deployed from the cloud; reported on scammers and squatters taking advantage of Rudy Giuliani’s Twitter typos; and gave a high-level overview of RobbinHood, the latest ransomware baddie to specifically target organizations.

Other cybersecurity news

  • Hundreds of Israeli soldiers’ mobile phones were compromised after Hamas cyber militants catfished them into downloading malware. (Source: Forbes)
  • LokiBot was found impersonating Epic Games’ client installer. (Source: Trend Micro Security Intelligence Blog)
  • Almost half of Internet-connected medical devices suffer from the BlueKeep vulnerability. (Source: ZDNet)
  • Voatz, a voting app, was found to be insecure and vulnerable to hacking, according to MIT researchers. (Source: MeriTalk)
  • Unsigned peripheral firmware in Wi-Fi adapters, USB hubs, track pads, and cameras put Windows and Linux systems at risk of attack, according to researchers from Eclypsium. (Source: Bleeping Computer)
  • Researchers from Cisco and Jamila Kaya have found hundreds of fraudulent Chrome extension apps that were only designed to capture user information. (Source: Inc.com)
  • Evolutionary ransomware was seen targeting a pipeline operator. Experts signal this as potential change in the way ransomware will behave in the future. (Source: Fifth Domain)
  • A popular video gaming channel on YouTube got hacked by crypto scammers to collect Bitcoin from its 1.8 million subscribers. (Source: HackRead)
  • Speaking of crypto, scammers are at it again on Twitter—with some compromising legitimate accounts while others are inserting themselves into conversations before dropping the fake giveaway. (Source: Tenable Security Blog)
  • A politician in India was found using deepfakes technology to reach different linguistic voter bases during their current election campaign. Videos of this politician went viral on WhatsApp. (Source: Vice)

Stay safe, everyone!

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