Last week on Malwarebytes Labs:

  • Potential cybersecurity impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
  • Cyber lures and threats in the context of the war in Ukraine
  • CISA warns of cyberespionage by Iranian APT “MuddyWater”
  • Google and Microsoft accused of feeding smaller search engines spam ads
  • Cyclops Blink malware: US and UK authorities issue alert
  • Yik Yak “cyberbullying”: What can be done?
  • How to update your drivers and when you need to
  • Hive ransomware: Researchers figure out a method to decrypt files
  • “Ethnicity recognition” tool listed on surveillance camera app store built by fridge-maker’s video analytics startup
  • Xenomorph banking Trojan downloaded over 50,000 times from Play Store
  • CISA offers guidance on dealing with information manipulation
  • Facebook sued for siphoning facial recognition data without consent

Stay safe!

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