A week in security (January 3 – 9)

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Last week on Malwarebytes Labs:

  • Ransomware attacks Finalsite, renders 8,000 school sites unreachable for days
  • Patchwork APT caught in its own web
  • Sophisticated phishing scheme spent years robbing authors of their unpublished work
  • Google and Facebook fined $240 million for making cookies hard to refuse
  • New iPhone malware spies via camera when device appears off
  • Hackers take over 1.1 million accounts by trying reused passwords
  • Intercepting 2FA: Over 1200 man-in-the-middle phishing toolkits detected
  • Card skimmers strike Sotheby’s in Brightcove supply chain attack
  • Careful! Uber flaw allows anyone to send an email from uber.com
  • $10m of funds goes missing in what appears to be a cryptocurrency rug-pull
  • Customer support scammers take aim at NFT enthusiasts
  • Purple Fox rootkit now bundled with Telegram installer
  • What angered us most about cybersecurity in 2021: Lock and Code S03E01

Stay safe!

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