A week in security (March 15 – 21)

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Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, our podcast featured Adam Kujawa, who talked us through our 2021 State of Malware report.

We cover our own research on:

  • Royal mail parcel scam
  • How your iPhone can tell you if you’re being stalked
  • Careers in cybersecurity
  • ProxyLogon PoC whack-a-mole
  • Teen behind 2020 Twitter hack pleads guilty
  • FBI warns of increase in PYSA ransomware attacks targeting education
  • Apple shines and buffs Mac security
  • Mother charged with using deepfakes to shame daughter’s cheerleading rivals
  • HelloKitty: When Cyberpunk met cy-purr-crime
  • NFTs explained: daylight robbery on the blockchain
  • Report reveals scale of Business Email Compromise losses
  • Resident Evil 8 the latest game plagued by fake demos and scams

Other Cybersecurity news

  • College experiences sharp end of ransomware: 8 campuses close with teaching moved online, after ransomware attack takes over key systems (Source: SCCB)
  • Smart targets: Research suggests smart doorbells make your home a more attractive proposition for criminals (Source: The Register)
  • CopperStealer running riot: malware racks up big infection numbers at the start of 2021 (Source: SCMagazine)
  • Trouble in the club house: Fake Android app pretends to be social media app ClubHouse (Source: Infosecurity Magazine)
  • FBI alert: Phishing mails spreading “sophisticated” malware (Source: ZDNet)
  • Young adults under fire: It’s not just older generations threatened by scams and fakery (Source: GoErie)
  • Bogus giveaway scams on the prowl: Edmonton businesses warn of social media impersonations (Source: Global News CA)
  • Taxing times: Fake tax mails come bearing Remote Access Trojans (Source: Bank Info Security)
  • Twitter compromise leads to gaming scam: NHS Boss suffers Twitter account takeover, which is used to push Playstation 5 sales (Source: BBC)
  • Banking on security: reports suggest bank industry hardware may provide inroads for wily attackers (Source: Forbes)

Stay safe, everyone!

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