A week in security (Nov 1 – Nov 7)

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Last week on Malwarebytes Labs

  • Celebrity jewelry house Graff falls victim to ransomware
  • Lessons from a real-life ransomware attack
  • Is Apple’s Safari browser the last, best hope for web privacy?
  • What is Twitch?
  • Google patches zero-day vulnerability, and others, in Android
  • Zuckerberg’s Metaverse, and the possible privacy and security concerns
  • This Steam phish baits you with a free Discord Nitro
  • BlackMatter ransomware group announces shutdown. But for how long?
  • Trojan Source: Hiding malicious code in plain sight
  • Update now! Mozilla fixes security vulnerabilities in Firefox 94
  • Credit card skimmer evades Virtual Machines
  • CISA sets two week window for patching serious vulnerabilities
  • Wanted! US offer $10m bounty for ransomware kingpins

Other cybersecurity news

  • New “Frankenstein” phishing kits are becoming increasingly popular. (Source: RiskIQ)
  • Call center scammers use Justine Bieber and The Weeknd concert tickets as bait. (Source: ZDNet)
  • Expect delivery firms to be impersonated by cybercriminals in holiday phishing scams. (Source: Tessian)
  • According to a report, New Zealand residents are unaware of common cyber scams and don’t take basic precautions. (Source: IT Brief)
  • CERT-France has identified the ransomware group behind attacks on French companies. (Source: The Record)
  • SalesForce bug allows Outlook and Microsoft calendar events to be exposed. (Source: Varonis)
  • Credential phishers impersonate Proofpoint to go after Microsoft and Google credentials. (Source: Armorblox)
  • Data of Labour Party supporters in the UK were stolen during a ransomware attack. (Source: Sky News)
  • Scammers bank on popularity of crypto wallets to steal cryptocurrency. (Source: Check Point)
  • We experienced the first example of “insider threat by machine” when Facebook went dark for 6 hours. (Source: CSO Online)

Stay safe, everyone!

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