Last week on Malwarebytes Labs:

  • CronRAT targets Linux servers with e-commerce attacks
  • Hackers all over the world are targeting Tasmania’s emergency services
  • Massive faceprint scraping company Clearview AI hauled over the coals
  • Most people aren’t upgrading to Windows 11: Not the end of the world
  • Have you downloaded that Android malware from the Play Store lately?
  • Here’s what data the FBI can get from WhatsApp, iMessage, Signal, Telegram, and more
  • Capcom Arcade Stadium’s record player numbers blamed on card mining
  • SideCopy APT: Connecting lures to victims, payloads to infrastructure
  • Emotet being spread via malicious Windows App Installer packages
  • Attacker unmasked by VPN flubs charged with Ubiquiti hack
  • Emotet’s back and it isn’t wasting any time

Stay safe!

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