A week in security (Oct 4 – Oct 10)

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Last week on Malwarebytes Labs

  • Does Cybersecurity Awareness Month actually improve security?
  • Police take a piece out of a ransomware gang, but won’t say which one
  • Neiman Marcus data breach affects millions
  • Windows 11 is out. Is it any good for security?
  • Criminals were inside Syniverse for 5 years before anyone noticed
  • Facebook shoots own foot, hits Instagram and WhatsApp too
  • Twitch compromised: What we know so far, and what you need to do
  • Apache fixes zero-day vulnerability in HTTP Server
  • What special needs kids need to stay safe online
  • Google to auto-enrol users, YouTubers into 2SV
  • Stop. Do you really need another security tool?
  • US Navy ship Facebook page hijacked to stream video games
  • GnuPG fixes a problem with Let’s Encrypt certificate chain validation
  • Discord scammers lure victims with promise of free Nitro subscriptions
  • Making better cybersecurity training: Q&A with Malwarebytes expert Kelsey Prichard
  • At long last, Microsoft is disabling Excel 4.0 macros by default
  • Firefox reveals sponsored ad “suggestions” in search and address bar

Other cybersecurity news

  • Android malware pretends to be a security update. (Source: BleepingComputer)
  • Watch out for fake streams of the latest James Bond movie. (Source: CNET)
  • New cyberattacks will involve the use of 5G technology, according to study (Source: Teiss)
  • According to a different study, Millennials and Gen Z are bigger cybercrime victims than other generations (Source: Global News Wire)
  • Data of 1.5 billion Facebook users were allegedly being sold on a popular hacking forum, and the seller insists that they’re genuine (Source: Privacy Affairs)
  • Confluence servers are being targeted by new ransomware called Atom Silo (Source: SDNet)
  • Novel RAT involved in Operation GhostShell homes in on global aerospace and telcos (Source: CyberReason)
  • EU Parliament votes “No” to biometric mass surveillance (Source: Computing)
  • The TSA to impose mandates to help secure rail and subway systems (Source: The Washington Post)

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