A week in security (Sept 27 – Oct 3)

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Last week on Malwarebytes Labs

  • Teaching cybersecurity skills to special needs children with Alana Robinson: Lock and Code S02E18
  • Phone screenshots accidentally leaked online by stalkerware-type company
  • FoggyWeb, analysis of a Nobelium backdoor
  • Instagram Kids put on hold
  • Microsoft, CISA and NSA offer security tools and advice, but will you take it?
  • Vaccine passport app leaks users’ personal data
  • Telegram-powered bots circumvent 2FA
  • Android Trojan GriftHorse, the gift horse you definitely should look in the mouth
  • Apple Pay vulnerable to wireless pickpockets
  • The FCC moves to curb SIM swap attacks

Malwarebytes released the Demographics of Cybercrime Report.

Other cybersecurity news

  • Cambodia’s prime minister is Zoombombing opposition meetings. (Source: Rest Of World)
  • Apple ignored 3 Zero-Day iPhone attacks for months, claims researcher. (Source: Forbes)
  • When you ‘Ask app not to track,’ some iPhone apps keep snooping anyway. (Source: The Washington Post)
  • Microsoft was warned about the Autodiscover flaw five years ago. (Source: The Register)
  • Mission accomplished: Security plugin HTTPS Everywhere to be deprecated in 2022. (Source: The Daily Swig)
  • Fake Amnesty International Pegasus scanner used to infect Windows. (Source: BleepingComputer)
  • Google pushes emergency update for Chrome zero-days, the latest in a hectic year for vulnerabilities. (Source: CyberScoop)
  • Mozilla rolls out fission to a fraction of users on the release channel. (Source: Mozilla blog)
  • Paying hackers’ ransom demands is getting harder. (Source: DataCenter Knowledge)
  • Hackers bypass Coinbase 2FA to steal customer funds. (Source: The Record)

Stay safe, everyone!

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