Adding Telegram notification to Synology NAS Watchtower

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I am going to assume you have already got your NAS working, with a working install of WatchTower.
Once that is working you want to edit the environment variables.


Add WATCHTOWER_NOTIFICATION_URL = telegram://[TOKEN]@telegram/?channels=[CHANNEL-ID]
*edit token and channel id to match your own channel.


To get your token create a Telegram Bot by messaging @BotFather.

image 1

Your token will be a mixture of random latters and numbersimilar to this format 1111111111:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

In your Telegram channel send a message to your bot such as

@Yournew_bot test

Once this is done, you can forward a message in the channel to @getidsbot

and get your ID

image 2

Back over to the Synology NAS

Add the following to the WATCHTOWER_NOTIFICATION_URL = telegram://token@telegram/?channels=

So it should look similar to the below

telegram://1111111111:[email protected]/?channels=-1001111111111

Start the watchtower docker and you should get an alert

image 3