Adfsbrute – A Script To Test Credentials Against Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), Allowing Password Spraying Or Bruteforce Attacks

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A script to test credentials against Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), calculating the ADFS url of an organization and allowing password spraying or bruteforce attacks.

The main idea is carrying out password spraying attacks with a random and high delay between each test and using a list of proxies or Tor to make the detection by the Blue Team more difficult. Brute force attacks are also possible, or testing credentials with the format username:password (for example from Pwndb). Tested logins will get stored in a log file to avoid testing them twice.


./ -t TARGET [-u USER] [-U USER_LIST] [-p PASSWORD] [-P PASSWORD_LIST] [-UL userpassword_list]

The parameters for the attacks are:

* -t: Target domain. Example:

* -u: Single username. Example: [email protected]

* -U: File with a list of usernames. Example: users.txt

* -p: Single password: Example: Company123

* -P: File with a list of passwords. Example: passwords.txt

* -UP: File with a list of credentials in the format "username:password". Example: userpass.txt

* -m : Minimum value of random seconds to wait between each test. Default: 30

* -M : Maximum value of random seconds to wait between each test. Default: 60

* -tp: Tor password (change IP addresses using Tor)

* -pl: Use a proxy list (change IP addresses using a list of proxy IPs)

* -n: Number of requests before changing IP address (used with -tp or -pl). Default: 1

* -s: Stop on success, when one correct credential is found. Default: False

* -r: Randomize the combination of users and passwords. Default: True

* -d: Show d ebug messages. Default: True

* -l: Log file location with already tested credentials. Default: tested.txt


Password spraying with password “Company123”, tor password is “test123” and changing the IP every 3 requests:

python3 -t -U users.txt -p Company123 -tp test123 -n 3

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Password spraying with password “Company123”, tor password is “test123”, changing the IP for every request, random delay time between 10 and 20 seconds and do not randomize the order of users:

python3 -t -U users.txt -p Company123 -tp test123 -m 10 -M 20 -r False

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Finding ADFS url:

python3 -t

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Using Tor

To use Tor to change the IP for every request, you must hash a password:

tor --hash-password test123

In the file /etc/tor/torrc, uncomment the variable ControlPort and the variable HashedControlPassword, and in this last one add the hash:

ControlPort 9051
HashedControlPassword 16:7F314CAB402A81F860B3EE449B743AEC0DED9F27FA41831737E2F08F87

Restart the tor service and use this password as argument for the script (“-tp test123” or “–tor_password 123”)

service tor restart


This script is implemented to test in security audits, DO NOT use without proper authorization from the company owning the ADFS or you will block accounts.

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