ARA-2020-005: Insecure Direct Object Reference in 1CRM (CVE-2020-15958)

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Posted by Andreas Sperber on Sep 15

# Security Advisory
ARA-2020-005: Insecure Direct Object Reference (CVE-2020-15958)
## Affected Product(s) and Environment(s)
Product: 1CRM <=8.6.7, confirmed for CRBM System ENT-8.6.5, CRBM System
ENT-8.6.6 and Startup+ Edition 8.5.15
Environments: All host environments
## Security Risk
Severity: High
CVSS v3: 8.6
## Impact
Confidentiality: High
Integrity: None
Availability: None
## Exploitability
Access Vector: Network
Access Complexity: Low…

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