Avcleaner – C/C++ Source Obfuscator For Antivirus Bypass

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C/C++ source obfuscator for antivirus bypass.


docker build . -t avcleaner
docker run -v ~/dev/scrt/avcleaner:/home/toto -it avcleaner bash #adapt ~/dev/scrt/avcleaner to the path where you cloned avcleaner
sudo pacman -Syu
mkdir CMakeBuild && cd CMakeBuild
cmake ..
make -j 2
./avcleaner.bin --help

For simple programs, this is as easy as:

avcleaner.bin test/strings_simplest.c --strings=true --

However, you should know that you’re using a compiler frontend, which can only work well if you give it the path to ALL the includes required to build your project. As an example, test/string_simplest.c includes headers from the WinSDK, and the script run_example.sh shows how to handle such scenarios.

Common errors

CommandLine Error: Option 'non-global-value-max-name-size' registered more than once! LLVM ERROR: inconsistency in registered CommandLine options

In case you encounter this error, please use CMakeLists_archlinux.txt instead of CMakeLists.txt and it shoud go away.

Download Avcleaner

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