BaphoDashBoard – Dashboard For Manage And Generate The Baphomet Ransomware

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With this proyect we will be able to handle the data of the victims we obtain with Baphomet Ransomware. BaphoDashBoard is developed in C# under framework dotnet-core 3.1. Both Baphomet Ransomware and BaphoDashBoard proyects are thrown out for educational purposes and so we can get something out of it to learn new things.

DashBoard features

  • Generate .exe to encrypt data.
  • Generate .exe to decrypt data.
  • When we generate the ransomware, we keep the rsa keys that encrypt the symmetric key in charge of encrypting the files.
  • Location of each victim shown on map.
  • Graphics for better visualization.
  • We can obtain the data of all our hosting servers.
  • Handling of each baphomet.exe that we generate.
  • Victims details and more using web scraping.


  • Dotnet core 3.1
  • SDK & RunTime download link:

Operating systems tested to date to run Bapho-Dashboard

  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS Mojave

File that we must modify

  • file: BaphoDashBoard > Dal > Services > BaseService.cs line: 32
  • NOTE: We add the hosting that contains the victim’s data. for example

Instalation and Framework use

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Video Demo


Baphomet Ransomware:

Service for more information and help

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