BianLian Ransomware Victim: NSEIT Limited (a subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange of India)

BianLian Ransomware

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Victim NameNSEIT Limited (a subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange of India)
DescriptionCompany is a technology implementation consulting partner firm for banks, capital market, and financial services, offering a range of solutions in digital transformation. A technical subsidiary of National Stock Exchange of India.
Victim CEO (if available)CEO: Anantharaman Sreenivasan (Ganesh)
Victim Website (if available)hXXps://nseit[.]com
Are files Available To Download?yes
Data Types Exfiltrated (tags if available)Source codes of over 100 company projects, including projects for banks, insurance companies, financial services, etc., SVN repositories., Financial data., HR data., Project data., SQL backups of company partners, including banks (lists with over 1 million bank clients, over 150, 000 employees, operations, etc..)., Technical data (company’s network infrastructure, online and network accesses, etc..), Contracts and NDA’s, Data of Vendors and Suppliers
Tags Associated with Victimindia, it

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