BlackMatter Ransomware Victim: g-able[.]com

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BlackMatter Ransomware

NOTE: The information on this page is automated and scraped directly from the BlackMatter Onion Dark Web Tor Blog page and reposted here for awareness.

Victim Logo
(if available)
g able com victim
Victim InformationThe Leading IT And Digital Solutions Provider In Thailand
Victim URLhXXps://www[.]g-able[.]com/
Hello! We have downloaded a lot of data from your network, you can see them in the screenshots, as well as download some of them

The total amount of data is over 100 gb, you can download some examples

Victim Publish StatusPublished
Countdown / Publish Date
(if available)
Data Taken 100 GB
Data Downloadable650 MB
Victim TOR URL/EgnfbWUqNa

To get additional information, please download the Tor Browser and then visit the onion site located here:
(to defang, remove the [.] and replace with . Also change hXXp to http)

You can then copy and paste it into the Tor browser to get updates regarding this victim of BlackMatter Ransomware

Onion Site Victim Post URL:

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