Bn-Uefi-Helper – Helper Plugin For Analyzing UEFI Firmware

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Helper plugin for analyzing UEFI firmware. This plugin contains the following features:

  • Apply the correct prototype to the entry point function
  • Fix segments so all segments are RWX and have the correct semantics
    • This allows for global function pointers to be rendered correctly
  • Apply types for core UEFI services (from EDK-II)
  • Locate known protocol GUIDs and assign the GUID type and a symbol
  • Locate global assigments in entry and initialization functions and assign types
  • Loader for Terse Executables

Minimum Version

Tested on 2.3.2660

bn uefi helper 2 screen


This plugin is released under a MIT license.

Related Projects

  • ghidra-firmware-utils
  • efiXplorer
Download Bn-Uefi-Helper

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