Brutto – Easy Brute Forcing To Whatever You Want

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Easy brute forcing to whatever you want, Its magic increasing values and direct.


  • Clone git clone
  • Download the latest version
  • Install with Python: python install
# So you import the library
from brutto_easy import Brutto

How to use

  • Includes all the letters (A – Z ) in case sensitive.
  • All numbers are reflected in the process ( 0-9 )
  • Also all the symbols and space.


  • scope
  • letters
  • numbers
  • symbols
  • space


  • increase
  • direct

Default settings test with (increase)

# call brutto
test = Brutto()

# Here I implement
for example in test.increase(letters=True, numbers=True, symbols=False, space=False, scope=4):
print example

Default settings test with (direct)

# call brutto
bruteforce = Brutto()

for example in
print example

So you add a custom value to increase letters. scope=(1-5)

# call brutto
test = Brutto()

for example in test.increase(letters=True, scope=5):
print example

With letters and numbers, and increased scope=(1-8 )

# call brutto
test = Brutto()

for example in test.increase(scope=8, letters=True, numbers=True, symbols=False):
print example

Copyright, 2015 by Jose Pino

Download Brutto

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