BugCrowd Bug Bounty Disclosure: P5 – Information Disclosure via url tampering – By murderfalcon

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doi vdp

doi vdp


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  • Priority: P5

While doing some security research I stumbled upon some information via manual url tampering. This information MAY be public knowledge which is why I submitted this as informational.After researching it appears that this is a function of Pulse Connect Secure as it allows the creation of a custom help page. But since there doesn’t appear to be any “help” links on the login page I’m not sure if this function needs to be enabled, so I figured it would be a good idea to report it. Mainly because it seems to give away the username format, links to what appear to be vpns, as well as the direct e-mail of who to contact if there was an issue logging in. This information may be of use for bad actors.To reproduce the issue just visit the link https://pm.doi.gov/dana-na/auth/url_c8x42cdx6wWwu0xF/welcome.cgi?p=helpThe original url passed the parameter p=no_cert I changed that to p=help.

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