CACTUS Ransomware Victim: https://www[.]reawire[.]com/

Cactus Ransomware

NOTE: No files or stolen information are [exfiltrated/downloaded/taken/hosted/seen/reposted/disclosed] by RedPacket Security. Any legal issues relating to the content of the files should be directed at the attackers directly, not RedPacket Security. This blog is simply posting an editorial news post informing that a company has fallen victim to a ransomware attack. RedPacket Security is in no way affiliated or aligned with any ransomware threat actors or groups and will not host infringing content. The information on this page is fully automated and redacted whilst being scraped directly from the CACTUS Onion Dark Web Tor Blog page.

Victim Namehttps://www[.]reawire[.]com/
Blog Publish DateJune 19, 2024
Screenshots Availabletrue
AI Generated Victim Description (Llama 70B)The leaked data appears to belong to a prominent company in the electronics industry, specifically a leading supplier of magnet wire and nonferrous metals. The leaked information includes a wide range of sensitive documents and files, encompassing various aspects of the company’s operations. These documents can be categorized into several areas, including: 1. Corporate documents: This includes agreements, financial records, and other internal documents related to the company’s operations. 2. Employee-related data: Personnel files, personal information, and other sensitive data related to the company’s employees are present in the leaked data. 3. Project and financial information: Documents related to ongoing or past projects, as well as financial records, are part of the leaked data. 4. Correspondence and communication: Internal and external communications, such as emails, memos, and other written correspondence, are also included in the leaked data. It is crucial to handle and analyze this information with caution, respecting the privacy and security of those involved.
Listed Company Revenue$100M

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