Censys-Python – An Easy-To-Use And Lightweight API Wrapper For The Censys Search Engine

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An easy-to-use and lightweight API wrapper for the Censys Search Engine (censys.io). Python 3.6+ is currently supported.

Getting Started

The library can be installed using pip.

$ pip install censys

To configure your credentials run censys config or set both CENSYS_API_ID and CENSYS_API_SECRET environment variables.

$ censys config

Censys API ID: XXX
Censys API Secret: XXX

Successfully authenticated for [email protected]


  • Official Website
  • Documentation
  • Issue Tracker


All contributions (no matter how small) are always welcome.


$ git clone [email protected]:censys/censys-python.git
$ pip install -e ".[dev]"


Testing requires credentials to be set.

$ pytest
Download Censys-Python

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