CISA: CISA Announces Launch of Logging Made Easy

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CISA Announces Launch of Logging Made Easy

Today, CISA announces the launch of a new version of Logging Made Easy (LME)(link is external), a straightforward log management solution for Windows-based devices that can be downloaded and self-installed for free. CISA’s version reimagines technology developed by the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), making it available to a wider audience.

Log management makes systems more secure. Until now, it has been a heavy lift for many targeted organizations, especially those with limited resources. CISA’s LME is a turnkey solution for public and private organizations seeking to strengthen their cybersecurity while reducing their log management burden.

As CISA’s newest shared services product offering, LME builds upon the success of the NCSC’s log management solution, which was decommissioned in March 2023. CISA urges organizations to secure their Windows-based devices today by downloading the free LME technical solution(link is external).

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