CISA: CISA Publishes New Webpage Dedicated to Providing Resources for High-Risk Communities

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CISA Publishes New Webpage Dedicated to Providing Resources for High-Risk Communities

Today, CISA published a new dedicated High-Risk Communities webpage comprised of cybersecurity resources to support civil society communities at heighted risk of digital security threats, including cyber hygiene guidance, a repository of local cyber volunteer programs, and free or discounted tools and services.

Despite their vulnerability to advanced cyber threats, many civil society organizations operate on lean budgets and cannot significantly invest in cybersecurity. CISA’s High-Risk Communities webpage provides resources specifically for civil society organizations, such as:

  • Project Upskill, a suite of cyber hygiene guides designed to arm individuals of high-risk organizations with simple steps to meaningfully improve their cyber hygiene.
  • Cybersecurity Resources for High-Risk Communities, which offers a wide selection of free or steeply discounted tools and services.
  • Cyber Volunteer Resource Center, a repository of cyber volunteer programs across the country that provide free, hands-on cybersecurity support to under-resourced organizations.

For more information on the initiative, read Associate Director Clayton Roman’s blog post, JCDC Working and Collaborating to Build Cyber Defense for Civil Society and High-Risk Communities. Visit Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative to learn more about the planning effort that aided in developing these valuable resources.

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