cl0p Ransomware Victim: edan-com

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$352 million
No 15 Jinhui Rd Jinsha Kengzi, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

This is story of the week. This company make different widget for medical fields but make no security for all their information. We show them how bad security is and download 1.2 TB of their most secret information including some dirt on all dishonorable board and especially owners who like to steal money through stock. Very interesting and all will come out soon. This people feel so emotion that they cannot speak and only swear at us so it was time to terminate this toxic relationship and here now published.
But one should wonder how Edan get all this technology? of course the simple answer is more correct. They steal USA company technology and make it like they are own and make it cheaper and cause USA company to go out of business.
Few years ago Edan was copying and stealing IP from other companies like here –
October 2016, with Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s Court (Guangdong High Court) making the final verdict on the two patent infringement cases and one trade secret infringement case between Shenzhen Mindray Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd. (Mindray) and Shenzhen Edan Instruments Co., Ltd. (Edan), the intellectual property battle between the two parties finally came to an end. In the 12 cases in which the court ruled the final verdict, Mindray won all the victories, and the total amount of compensation reached over 28 million yuan.
but nowadays they steal even more because they know they have money and can pay little to make a lot more. This example of corrupt company who manipulate market and steal knowledge and money from other company and clients. Cl0p fix all this and we make bad corporation pay for their crime even when corrupt government does nothing.

Come back soon for exciting dirt on board and owners and maybe Chinese tax people should come for visit to them soon. Have most excellent day!
FILES PART1 –\D$ – IM-PAYMENT, 国际市场传播, 国际营销系统超声部, 报价单, 行政组文件

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