cl0p Ransomware Victim: tonlyele-com

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NOTE: The information on this page is fully automated and scraped directly from the cl0p .onion Dark Web Tor Blog page and reposted here for awareness.

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$930 million
No. 37 Community, Zhongkai Hi-Tech Zone, Huizhou, Guangdong CN Phone
+86 752 263 6915

What happen when you make all money by stealing design and idea from USA companies? you become much richer but you never forget where you come from the slumps where you use to bully other children and steal lunch money. Now big tonly only steal from other big company and rip off their 10000 employee when government and owner make all millions. of course spending money on security of their shananigans and information is not in plan just like paying their employee sweatshop rates and driving them slowly 6foot under ground. for everyone reading this make sure to download tonly files and start competition.
FILES PART1 –\通力尽调

FILES PART2 – 通力电子共享服务器, 采购SRM培训教材, 陈江二厂3楼扫描

FILES PART3 – 二楼DQA扫描, 技术创新部, 通力尽调

FILES PART4 – TWS, TWS产线文件, TWS部门公用临时文件夹, 三楼采购扫描

To get additional information, please download the Tor Browser and then visit the onion site located here: (to defang, remove the [.] and replace with . Also change hXXp to http) You can then copy and paste it into the Tor browser to get updates regarding this victim of cl0p Ransomware
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