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Key Features

  1. Language support: It supports Java/C++/Objective-C/C#/JavaScript/Python/Go/PHP and more, covering common programming languages.
  2. Code inspection: Discover code quality defects, code specification problems, code security vulnerabilities, invalid codes, etc. At present, many self-developed and well-known open source analysis tools have been integrated. The layered architecture can support rapid self-service management tools for teams.
  3. Code measurement: Support comprehensive measurement of code from the three dimensions of code cyclomatic complexity, code repetition rate and code statistics.
  4. DevOps integration: The client can be started via the command line. Standard APIs support connection to upstream and downstream systems, and various DevOps systems.

Getting Started

  • How to get start
  • How to deploy server and web
  • How to deploy server and web with docker-compose
  • How to use client
  • Deploy Q&A


  • QQ Group: 361791391
  • Discussion
  • Wiki
  • White Paper


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  • Check out CONTRIBUTING to see how to develop with TCA.
  • Tencent Open Source Incentive Program encourages the participation and contribution of developers. We look forward to your active participation.


TCA is MIT licensed

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