Codecepticon – .NET Application That Allows You To Obfuscate C#, VBA/VB6 (Macros), And PowerShell Source Code

Codecepticon is a .NET application that allows you to obfuscate C#, VBA/VB6 (macros), and

The command generator’s output format can be either Console or XML, depending what you prefer. Console commands can be executed as:

Codecepticon.exe --action obfuscate --module csharp --verbose ...etc

While when using an XML config file, as:

Codecepticon.exe --config C:YourPathToTheFile.xml

If you want to deep dive into Codecepticon’s functionality,

And by replacing all strings the result is:

ObfuscatedSharpHound.exe --AphylesPiansAsp TurthsTance --AnineWondon C:temp

However, some values may exist in more than one category:

Therefore it is critical to always test your result in a local environment first.


Why isn’t there a compiled version under Releases that I can download?

The compiled output includes a lot of dependency DLLs, which due to licensing

Still trying to get to the bottom of this one, a quick fix is to uninstall and reinstall the System.Collections.Immutable package, from the NuGet Package Manager.


Whether it’s a typo, a bug, or a new feature, Codecepticon is very open to contributions as long as we agree on the following:

  • You are OK with the MIT license of this project.
  • Before creating a pull request, create an issue so it could be discussed before doing any work as internal development is not tracked via the public GitHub repository. Otherwise you risk having a pull request rejected if for example we are already working on the same/similar feature, or for any other reason.

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