Conti Ransomware Victim: http-lavi-co


NOTE: The information on this page is automated and scraped directly from the Conti .onion Dark Web Tor Blog page and reposted here for awareness.

Victim Name “LAVI”
Victim Website http://LAVI.COM
Address 27810 Avenue Hopkins Valencia, CA 91355-3409
About For 40 years, Lavi has provided comprehensive, agile ways to move and track people in, through, and out of your store or facility. As seasoned problem solvers, we understand your most critical issues and tailor solutions that fit your space and customers. Elegant railing products help establish the atmosphere you want. Queue management tools create operational efficiencies and enrich customer experience. Store fixtures and crowd control solutions make the customer journey seamless, and leverage attention to increase your bottom line. With a holistic approach, we design and implement all-in-one public guidance solutions.
Date of Breach
Files Published CUSTOMER_SERVICE.rar,ENGINEERING.part01.rar,ENGINEERING.part02.rar,ENGINEERING.part03.rar,ENGINEERING.part04.rar,ENGINEERING.part05.rar,ENGINEERING.part06.rar,ENGINEERING.part07.rar,ENGINEERING.part08.rar,EOM.rar,FINANCE.part1.rar,FINANCE.part2.rar,FINANCE.part3.rar,Lavi1.rar
Number of Views of Breached Information
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