Conti Ransomware Victim: http-www-spfprecut-c


NOTE: The information on this page is automated and scraped directly from the Conti .onion Dark Web Tor Blog page and reposted here for awareness.

Victim Name “SPF Precut Lumber”
Victim Website
Address 3007 Glen Dr, Coquitlam, British Columbia, V3B 0L8, Canada
About SPF Precut Lumber is an established and award-winning exporter and remanufacturer of Canadian wood products, based in beautiful British Columbia
Date of Breach
Files Published #2 2x10x20.csv,#2 2x12x14.csv,#2 2x4x12.csv,#2 2x4x16.csv,#2 2x4x8.csv,#2 2x6x10.csv,#2 2x6x12.csv,#2 2x6x14.csv,#2 2x6x16.csv,#2 2x6x8.csv,#2 2x8x16.csv,#2E 2x10x8.csv,#3 1x6x6.csv,#3 1x6x8.csv,#3 2x10x14.csv,#3 2x4x8.csv,#3 2x6x20.csv,#3 2x8x12.csv,#3 2x8x14.csv,#3 2x8x16.csv,#3 45×175.csv,#3C 1x4x10.csv,003.csv,006.csv,006.xlsx,007.csv,008.csv,009.csv,010.csv,06-30-2020 FX @ 1.3499.pdf,06-30-2020 NO EXCHANGE RATE.pdf,06-30-2021 GRG DETAIL.csv,06-30-2021 GRG DETAIL.xlsx,06-30-21 CTRANS STOCKS.xlsx,101217 (2).pdf,2010 VS 2009(saved expenses by closing the mill).xls,2010 YE FS (in-house).xls,2010 YE inventory adjustment.xls,2011 VS 2010.xlsx,2012 YE lumber purchase.xlsx,2013 to 2016 Sales to Pakistan(cnts).xlsx,2015 VS 2014.xlsx,2017 YE AP.xlsx,2017 YE AR.xlsx,2017 YE Financials Delivery List.xlsx,2017 YE Inventory Adjustment.xlsx,2017 YE Trail Balance.xlsx,2018 YE AP.xlsx,2018 YE AR.xlsx,2018 YE Financials Delivery List.xlsx,2018 YE Trail Balance.xlsx,2019-2020 PremiumReport WAREHOUSE +CARGO WORKING DOWNLOAD.xlsx,2020 SPF Adjusting Entries.pdf,2020-06-30 Financial Statements PaciPHC.pdf,2020-06-30 Financial Statements SPFPrecL.pdf,20200218 154532SPFScanHP1.pdf,2021 honda accord.pdf,3 2_Fraud Risk Information Form.docm,3 fiscal years’ information.xls,35560.CSV,3711.xls,3712.xls,3840.xls,3863.xls,3886.xls,750F660E.tmp,9.000 CBM.doc,914E0001.tmp,A Commercial placement form GRA(Hitech).doc,A Commercial placement form GRA(Makwuds).doc,A Commercial placement form GRA(Portacabin).doc,A Commercial placement form GRA(Safeway).doc,A Commercial placement form(Gem).doc,A Commercial placement form(blank).doc,ACFBF345.tmp,ACT 06-30-2020.xlsx,ACT payment history.xlsx,ADJUSTMENTS 2020,2021.xlsx,AL Kubra 180 days availization payment and AR.xlsx,AL Kubra payment history.xlsx,AP OCT 2020.pdf,AP Aging Detail.pdf,AP Aging Summary.pdf,AP CONTACT INFORMATION list-DMCL.xlsx,AP Calculation JUNE 2020.xlsx,AP Confirmation list.xlsx,AP Confirmation.pdf,AP DETAIL 2020.xlsx,AP FEB 2021.pdf,AP JAN 2021.pdf,AP May 2021.pdf,AP SUMMARY 2020 revised.xlsx,AP SUMMARY 2020.xlsx,AP SUMMARY.pdf,AP Summary June 30th 2021 -print 08-06-2021.xlsx,AP Summary.xlsx,AP and AR confirmation lists.xlsx,AP confirmation contacts.xlsx,AP detail Mar 2021.pdf,AP.pdf
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