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Address Corporate Offices New York tri-state 50-23 Twenty-Third Street Long Island City, NY 11101 Toll-Free: (800) 925-4948
About The Metro Group is the premier Building Services company in the Greater NYC and the Tri-state area, all of New England, and along the East Coast. Founded in 1925, we are proud of our nearly 95 years of building long lasting partnerships with our clients and employees. We offer comprehensive building solutions to help you control costs associated with operating a large residential, commercial or institutional building; or that of a manufacturing or industrial facility. Our job is to put profits back into your building by extending the life of your capital equipment, preventing downtime, and maximizing the efficiency of your mechanical systems. Our services include water treatment, boiler repairs, service and installations, HVAC repairs, service and installations, drinking water services and testing, regulatory compliance and various other valuable building service. If you have a need in your building, odds are The Metro Group can help. Our on-site ELAP and CDC Elite certified laboratory can handle any laboratory testings you need. Our on-site manufacturing facility formulates and blends our own proprietary chemicals for corrosion prevention and system disinfection. We have the largest fleet of vehicles on the east cost with some of the most tenured and skilled technicians in the country. Most importantly, our dedicated Account Management team, with our Technician team for support, is poised to handle any concern you may have.
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