Conti Ransomware Victim: https-www-eypae-co


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Victim Name “EYP”
Victim Website
Address 450 S Orange Ave, Fl 3, Orlando, Florida, 32801, United States
About EYP, headquartered in Albany, New York, is an architecture and engineering firm specializing in higher education, energy, government, and science and technology.
Date of Breach
Files Published 0001995_10_N37_web.jpg,01 27 list.msg,01-13-17.pdf,01-23-17.pdf,01-27-17 (included in 02.01.17).pdf,01-January 2016 Balance Sheet.pdf,01.23.18 AR HC – Atlanta to PMs.pdf,01.23.18 AR HC – Atlanta.pdf,01.23.18 AR HC – Dallas.pdf,01.23.18 AR HC – Houston.pdf,01.23.18 AR HC – New York City.pdf,01.23.18 AR HC – North Carolina.pdf,01.23.18 AR HC – WHR Denmark.pdf,01.23.18 AR HealthCare ONLY .pdf,012014.pdf,02-01-17.pdf,02-05-18.pdf,02-10-17.pdf,02-22-17.pdf,02-28-18.pdf,02-February 2016 Balance Sheet.pdf,02.14.18 AR HC – Atlanta.pdf,02.14.18 AR HC – Dallas.pdf,02.14.18 AR HC – Houston.pdf,02.14.18 AR HC – New York City.pdf,02.14.18 AR HC – North Carolina.pdf,02.14.18 AR HC – WHR Denmark.pdf,02.14.18 AR HealthCare ONLY .pdf,02.21.18 AR – ALL Atlanta.pdf,0208.tif,022014.pdf,02_Buie_jw 021719_w db edits2 -AB FINAL.docx,03 – March 2016.pdf,03-03-17.pdf,03-10-17.pdf,03-21-18.pdf,03-24-17.pdf,03-31-17.pdf,03-March 2016 Balance Sheet.pdf,0311_PS.tif,032014.pdf,0359_001.tif,0371.tif,04-03-18.pdf,04-24-18.pdf,04-April 2016 Balance Sheet.pdf,0407.tif,042014.pdf,0421.tif,0456.tif,0486.tif,05-02-18 to EYP.pdf,05-18-18 to EYP.pdf,05-May 2016 Balance Sheet.pdf,052014.pdf,06-June 2016 Balance Sheet.pdf,062014.pdf,07-02-18.pdf,07-12-17.pdf,07-July 2016 Balance Sheet.pdf,072014.pdf,08-30-18.pdf,082014.pdf,09-21-18.pdf,,,,,090127_square,090127_square_2 typeface,090129_square,,091203_Cost Worksheet.xlsx,,091207SBS_Envelope,091207SBS_Envelope,,,,,,,,,,,,,091224_Dhruti copy.eps,,,,,,,,,,,
Number of Views of Breached Information
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To get additional information, please download the Tor Browser and then visit the onion site located here:
(to defang, remove the [.] and replace with . Also change hXXp to http)

You can then copy and paste it into the Tor browser to get updates regarding this victim of Conti Ransomware

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