Conti Ransomware Victim: https-www-panasonic-com-ca

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NOTE: The information on this page is automated and scraped directly from the Conti .onion Dark Web Tor Blog page and reposted here for awareness.

Victim Name “panasonic”
Victim Website
Address 5770 Ambler DR Mississauga on l4w 2t3
About Panasonic Canada Inc is located in Mississauga, ON, Canada and is part of the Household Appliances and Electrical and Electronic Goods Merchant Wholesalers Industry. Panasonic Canada Inc has 595 total employees across all of its locations and generates $345.25 million in sales (USD). (Sales figure is modelled). There are 2,341 companies in the Panasonic Canada Inc corporate family.
Date of Breach
Files Published (Final) Employee Notice Template for global database.docx,0. Telephone Promo Plan Q3 FY21 10-19.xlsx,00000001.pdf,00000002.pdf,00000003.pdf,00000004.pdf,003 Inventory Disposal Apr.1’2021.xlsx,01 DEC 2021_Inv_Credit_Unapplied$_Chargeback Analysis.msg,01 ISM Pandemic file registration.xlsx,01 Nov 2021_Inv_Credit_Unapplied$_Chargeback Analysis.msg,01-04-2021 – Aldo Aiello (Regency Electric).pdf,011 US X3 APR ’22 – Submission – JAN 18-22.xlsx,011 US X6 JUL – Submission – APR 19-21.xlsx,011 US X7 AUG – Submission – MAY 17-21.xlsx,01122016.PDF,01272016-daver.PDF,01_CreateTables.sql,01_Fraud_Scenario.csv,01_Sales(General)_2021 – PCI.xlsm,01_Sales(General)_2021 – QST.xlsx,01_Sales(General)_2021.xlsm,02_Alter_Tables.sql,02_Sales(System)_2021.xlsm,02_Scenario_Risk.csv,03 Pg8_March 2021.xlsx,03 Pg9_March 2021.xlsx,030201 Credit Policy November 9th final 2017 (2) (002).docx,030606A_Non-Inventory_Reporting_Form.xls,03_Create_Procedures.sql,03_Expenditure(Raw Materials)_2021.xlsm,03_Rule1.csv,04 Pg8_April 2021.xlsx,04 Pg9_April 2021.xlsx,04_Alter_Procedures.sql,04_EXM0001_01(2).pdf,04_EXM0001_01.pdf,04_Expenditure(Merchandises)_2021 – PCI.xlsm,04_Expenditure(Merchandises)_2021 – QST.xlsx,04_Expenditure(Merchandises)_2021.xlsm,04_Rule2.csv,05 Pg8_May 2021.xlsx,05 Pg9_May 2021.xlsx,05_CreateProcedures2.sql,05_EXE0001_01.pdf,05_EXE0002_01.pdf,05_EXE0004_01.pdf,05_EXE0005_01.pdf,05_EXE0005_02.png,05_EXE0007_01(a).pdf,05_EXE0007_01(b).pdf,05_EXE0007_01(c).pdf,05_EXE0008_01.pdf,05_EXE0009_01.pdf,05_EXE0010_01.pdf,05_Expenditure(Expenses)_2021 – PCI.xlsm,05_Expenditure(Expenses)_2021 – QST.xlsx,05_Expenditure(Expenses)_2021.xlsm,06_Cost Accounting_2021.xlsm,07_FA0001_01.pdf,07_FA0046_01.pdf,07_Fixed Asser_2021_FA0046_01.pdf,07_Fixed Assets_2021 – PCI.xlsm,07_Fixed Assets_2021 – QST.xlsx,07_Fixed Assets_2021.xlsm,081111WhistleblowerPolicy (final).pdf,08_Accounting Settlement(Closing)_2021 – PCI.xlsm,08_Accounting Settlement(Closing)_2021 – QST.xlsx,08_Accounting Settlement(Closing)_2021.xlsm,0908p.tif,0917ind.tif,0917usd.tif,0918quebec.tif,0926q.tif,0929p.tif,0930ind.tif,09_TR0002_01(a).pdf,09_TR0002_01(b).pdf,09_TR0005_01.pdf,09_TR0006_01.pdf,09_TR0008_01.pdf,09_TR0019_01.pdf,09_TR0020_02.pdf,09_Treasury_2021 – PCI.xlsm,09_Treasury_2021 – QST.xlsx,09_Treasury_2021.xlsm,1 – Fixed Assets – 5443 – 2021.xlsx,1 – Fixed Assets – 5443 – Nov. 2021.xlsx,1 – PO# PCI-100080.pdf,1 – RFA 56.pdf,1 Credit Request_10819 LD_#.xlsx,1 Credit Request_10819 LD_#397163_$308.xlsx,1. (ENG)_45L nanoe device test_COV19 variants_release draft (SAB 11-23-21) – V1.doc,1. (ENG)_45L nanoe device test_COV19 variants_release draft (SAB 11-23-21) – V2.doc,1. (ENG)_45L nanoe device test_COV19 variants_release draft (SAB 11-23-21) – V3.doc,1. (ENG)_45L nanoe device test_COV19 variants_release draft (SAB 11-23-21) – with comments_(DHedits) (002).doc,1. D-Chart Summary Version_April 6.xlsx,1. SAP – VA05 BBY-VD May Rebates.pdf,1.1.1 – Panasonic – OH Generator- Draft Label – Domestic FINAL.pdf,1.pdf,10-2019 Month end Analysis Dec 31’19. Test.xls
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