Conti Ransomware Victim: https-www-rtcnt-co


NOTE: The information on this page is automated and scraped directly from the Conti .onion Dark Web Tor Blog page and reposted here for awareness.

Victim Name “Real Time Consultants, Inc”
Victim Website
Address 30 Boright Ave, Kenilworth, NJ 07033
About Real Time Consultants, Inc. has been serving the IT needs of businesses since 1981. Real Time has developed strong relationships with vendor partners like Hewlett Packard, VMWare, and Microsoft. We feature a strong practice to help companies in the rapidly changing IT landscape. We help plan, execute, and maintain a reliable and secure IT plan for your firm. Our highly trained technical staff acts as an IT department for all our customers. Our Managed Services Program allows clients to focus on their business while we provide full IT services and proactive care all for a fixed monthly cost. We solve issues before they result in costly downtime. We evaluate the right solutions for your firm utilizing Cloud, on premise or a combination of both. We have offices in Mahwah and Kenilworth, New Jersey with national affiliations to serve our customers out of market needs.
Date of Breach
Files Published !.url,(2020-11-02) Exchange Migration (SoW).pdf,(2021-05-10) Exchange 2016 Hybrid (Approval).PDF,- CA rough redundancy schematic.vsdx,- jack locations.jpeg,- vendor brief.docx,.DS_Store,0046FN289226.pdf,0105CP631415.pdf,012912 statement.pdf,0141WM472455.pdf,01P-2016-513 JRT Conformed Drawings with Network CAT6 Outlets v5.pdf,01P-2016-513 JRT Conformed Drawings with Network CAT6 Outlets v6.pdf,022008 statement of hours.pdf,03-03-05 Physical.vsd,0307EW856326.pdf,0313XQ666443.pdf,0376FS686997.pdf,04- Docking Station Layout CAT6 Outlets.pdf,0497JS350800.pdf,0504KX179322.pdf,0639_001 Second Copy 6_6_2019.pdf,0712TA170067.pdf,0715BW858384.pdf,0778CS014307.pdf,0779XV519431.pdf,080213-IP route changes.rtf,0821GV517567.pdf,0838HZ892754.pdf,0886CP589779.pdf,0944UH632258.pdf,0956GQ892091.pdf,0998KH562612.pdf,1.F1,1.F2,1.F3,1.F4,1.F5,10 E53rd Stred Server Closet.jpg,10 hour block of time 081908.pdf,10- First Floor Conference Room Option B with Network CAT6 Outlets.pdf,10.F1,10.F2,10.F3,10.F4,10.F5,100-0073_IMG.JPG,100-0074_IMG.JPG,100084.pdf,106184.pdf,106611.pdf,107834.pdf,109324 Citrix 15-users.pdf,109836.pdf,10_Hour_timeblock_051407.doc,10_Hour_timeblock_051407.pdf,11.F1,11.F2,11.F3,11.F4,11.F5,110919.pdf,111613.pdf,11185615 – Real Time Consultants – Fresh Pet Deli .pdf,111993.pdf,113400.pdf,113401.pdf,113540.pdf,114015.pdf,114030.pdf,114052.pdf,114079.pdf,114132.pdf,114144.pdf,114160.pdf,114161.pdf,114178.pdf,114179.pdf,114757.pdf,114764.pdf,114923.pdf,114995.pdf,115159.pdf,115476.pdf,116447.pdf,117000.pdf,117135.pdf,117412.pdf,1184DY998390.pdf,1193XM100500.pdf,12.F1,12.F2,12.F3,12.F4,12.F5,12318 Real Time Consultants – Ed Fagan Inc 2 21 07.xls,1270AR619759.pdf,12_11_2019 CONFERENCE CALL WITH ERWYN.docx,13.F1,13.F2
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