NOTE: The information on this page is automated and scraped directly from the Conti .onion Dark Web Tor Blog page and reposted here for awareness.

Victim Website
Address Kuhwaldstraße 46, Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany Tel: +49 69 870025555
About Everyone needs a mission that they advance anew every day. Ours is simple, yet effective: We would like to inspire our guests on all levels, and turn every hotel into a hospitable place where everyone can feel welcome while preserving its own individuality and personality. Our target is giving people a temporary home, going the small but important steps every day that makes the difference and lets us be unmistakable and unique. This is what drives us – in all that we do. Every personal interview, every friendly gesture, every small service must be measured by: Does the guest feel welcome? Is the guest competently informed? Unique? Valued? Are we able to not only meet, but exceed expectations? No matter how perfect guest service may be: It is worthless for us when it doesn’t come from the heart.
Date of Breach
Files Published Euskirchen.tar
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