Discord is investigating cause of ‘You have been blocked’ errors


Many Discord users attempting to access the popular instant messaging and VoIP social platform today have been met with a scary “Sorry, you have been blocked” message.

This is reported by users of the app and also the website, and there have been numerous reports about it on both Twitter and Reddit in the past hour.


A spike in reports about users’ inability to access Discord has also been recorded on Downdetector, with the issues starting around two hours ago based on the data provided there.

Discord’s status page shows that the platform’s engineers are currently investigating an abnormal rise in API errors, so the issue hasn’t been fully resolved yet.

Discord’s Twitter support handle has also tweeted to inform users that they are aware of the problems and are currently investigating, but no further details were shared.


Some people have blamed a scheduled Cloudflare maintenance for the outage, which has reportedly affected other online platforms besides Discord, too.

Cloudflare outage message
Cloudflare outage message from earlier today (@OrsVTuber)

At the time of writing this, many users have been able to regain access to their Discord accounts, so this does not appear to be a block for violating any of the platform’s policies but rather a technical issue that is being gradually resolved.

That said, if you’re still facing trouble accessing Discord, you’re advised to remain calm and wait for the underlying issues to be settled.

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