DLInjector-GUI – DLL Injector Graphical User Interface

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DLInjector for Graphical User Interface.
Faster DLL Injector for processes. It targets the process name to identify the target. The process does not need to be open to define the target. DLInjector waits until the process executed.

DLInjector usage a very simple.

DLInjector GUI 1

Firstly, enter the target process name with exe (chrome.exe, explorer.exe).
And enter the to be injected DLL path (C:malwDll.dll).
Example Injection Process:

DLInjector GUI 2

V1 Features

  • Only inject the DLL.
  • Targeting process by name.
  • If errors occurs, shows the error code.

I want developed the DLInjector GUI in my spare time. If you want to develop DLInjector too, you can send a pull request.

If you want to using DLInjector from command line, look at the DLInjector-CLI

Download DLInjector-GUI

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