Ermir – An Evil Java RMI Registry

Ermir is an Evil/Rogue RMI Registry, it

  • public String[] list(): list() asks the registry for all the bound objects names, while String type cannot be subsitued with a malicious gadget as it is not like any ordinary object and it is not read using readObject() but rather readUTF(), however as list() returns String[] which is an actual object and it is read using

  • public void bind(java.lang.String $param_String_1, java.rmi.Remote $param_Remote_2): bind() binds an object to a name on the registry, in bind() case the return type is void and there is nothing being returned, however if the registry specifies in the RMI return data packet that this return is an execptional return, the client/server client will call

  • public void rebind(java.lang.String $param_String_1, java.rmi.Remote $param_Remote_2): rebind() replaces the binding of the passed name with the supplied remote reference, also returns void, Ermir returns an exception just like bind().

  • public void unbind(java.lang.String $param_String_1): unbind() unbinds a remote object by name in the RMI registry, this one also returns void.

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