Get 20% off Emsisoft’s Enterprise Security EDR solution for the holidays


Emsisoft is having a holiday deal where you can get 20% off 1-year licenses of the Emsisoft Enterprise Security EDR solution through December 17th, 2023, with no license limits.

Emsisoft’s Enterprise Security provides a cloud-based management console where you can see an overview of all your endpoints and any security incidents that need to be investigated, whether malware or other anomalous behavior.

Emsisoft Enterprise Security
Emsisoft Enterprise Security
Source: BleepingComputer

Some of the features included in Emsisoft Enterprise Security are:

  • Robust multi-layer protection with minimal system impact and lightning-fast scans.
  • Built-in EDR at no extra cost. Enjoy full Endpoint Detection and Response functionality with cloud-based behavior tracking and deep threat insights.
  • AI-assisted advanced threat hunting tools.
  • Cloud-based management makes deployments and management a snap.
  • Proactive behavior blocker to neutralize new and unknown threats.
  • Ransomware rollback to easily revert the system to the prior state in the event of unwanted changes.

The 20% off Emsisoft Enterprise Security holiday deal is available now through December 17th, 2023.

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