Godehashed – Tool That Uses The Dehashed.Com API To Search For Compromised Assets

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A golang tool that uses the dehashed.com API to search for compromised assets. Results can then be compiled into a CSV for further analysis.

Dehashed API

You must supply the tool an api key. See apikey_template.txt for example.


To install the tool in CLI run the following command. Your $GOPATH must already be set.

go get https://github.com/an00byss/godehashed


./godehashed -s email -i apikey.txt -e SOMEDOMAIN -o leaks.csv

Godehashed Usage():
-e string
Email we are searching for
-i string
Name of apikey to import.
-n string
Name we are searching for.
-o string
Outfile file name, will output in CSV Format.
-p int
Phone number we are searching for
-s string
Specify what we are searching for: "name", "email", "phone", "username" or "list". Then add corresponding switch.
-u string
Username we are searching for
-l list
Search a list of emails.
Search Term Examples
Email godehashed -s email -i apikey.txt -e SOMEDOMAIN.com -o leaks.csv
List godehashed -s list -e email -i apikey.txt -l list.txt -o leaks.csv
Username godehashed -s username -i apikey.txt -u USERNAME -o leaks.csv
Name godehashed -s name -i apikey.txt -n "Name" -o leaks.csv
Phone godehashed -s phone -i apikey.txt -p "phonenumber" -o leaks.csv


[!] Legal disclaimer: Usage of godehashed for attacking targets without
prior mutual consent is illegal. It is the end user's responsibility
to obey all applicable local, state and federal laws. Developers assume
no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused.
Download Godehashed

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