GRecon – Your Google Recon Is Now Automated

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GRecon 1 grecon4

GRecon (Greei-Conn) is a simple python tool that automates the process of Google Based Recon AKA Google Dorking The current Version 1.0 Run 7 Search Queries (7 Micro-Plugins) on the spicified Target Providing Awsome Results

Current Version Run Google Search Queries to find :

  • Subdomains
  • Sub-Subdomains
  • Signup/Login pages
  • Dir Listing
  • Exposed Docs
    • pdf…xls…docx…
  • WordPress Entries
  • Pasting Sites
    • Records in patsebin,Ghostbin…

Installation :

Use the package manager pip to install requirements

cd GRecon
python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Referring to Redbull BugBounty Program Here here’s a demo :

GRecon 8 demo7

GRecon_Cli :

in Grecon_cli you can use your own Google Dorks (Still in Dev)

Download GRecon

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